Iowa Teen Award 2012-2013

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Iowa Teen Awards 2012-2013

After her mistress dies, Isabel thinks she will be freed as promised. However, her mistress’s relative has other ideas. Isabel and her disabled sister, Ruth, are taken to a new home with a cruel mistress.Isabel meets another slave, Curzon, who encourages her to spy on her owners, who are loyal to King George of England.
  • Dori Hillestad Butler. The Truth about Truman School
All Zebby wanted to do was write the truth. The school newspaper wouldn’t let her tell the truth about the school, so she and her friend Amr set up a blog about the school where anyone can contribute. However, could being able to say anything have hurtful results?
Thomas wakes up in an unfamiliar location and as the doors open, he realizes he is in a different world. The teens who live in “the glade” have tried to create a society that runs smoothly, but each night the maze changes and dangers lurk for those who try to find a way out.
  • Carl Deuker. Payback Time
Overweight, somewhat timid Mitch reluctantly agrees to be the sports reporter for the Lincoln High newspaper because he’s determined to be a writer, but he senses a real story in Angel, a talented football player who refuses to stand out on the field— or to discuss his past.
Melody is the smartest kid in her school but no one knows it because she can’t walk, talk, or write. Melody is stuck inside her own head with her thoughts which are a mile long, until she discovers a technological device that will allow her to speak for the first time.
Finn is trapped in the living prison called Incarceron. Claudia is sure he is the “dead” prince Giles. Will the crystal keys they’ve discovered unlock the secrets of Incarceron?
I am number four. We look like you. We talk like you. We live among you, but we are not you. We have extra special powers. They caught number one in Malaysia, number two in England, and number three in Kenya. I am number four and I am next.
Hutch has always been the captain on the field. Now that he has moved positions to accommodate another player, will he be able to adjust to the change? Also, when his father starts to help the other player, will Hutch lose his dad as well as his favorite position?
  • Paula Morris. Ruined
When Rebecca is sent by her father to stay with a friend and her daughter, all she wants to do is fit in. While exploring New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, Rebecca meets Lisette in Lafayette Cemetery. Lisette will show Rebecca the ins and outs of the town, but she has a past that includes the mystery of her own death.
Reese is in a juvenile detention facility called Progress. He exhibits good behavior which earns him a chance to be part of the work program at a Senior Citizen home. Will Reese’s experiences convince him that he is a good person? Find out how Reese earns the respect of Mr. Hooft, a resident at the Senior Citizen home.
Tory Brennan and her friends find more trouble than expected when they break into a medical testing lab. Now, with their heightened senses and quick reflexes, they may be able to solve a forty-year old murder.
  • Ginny Rorby. Lost in the River of Grass
Things turn tense after thirteen year-old Sarah sneaks away from her school group to go for an airboat ride in the Everglades with Andy, a local boy. Stranded in the wilds of the Everglades with a knife, a small bottle of Gatorade, and some Spam, they must struggle to survive.
  • Suzanne Supplee. Artichoke’s Heart
Rosemary Goode is bullied by the mean girls at school because of her weight. But if her mother can survive a cancer diagnosis, surely Rosemary can lose weight.
After Jessica, sixteen-year-old track star, is severely injured in a school bus accident leading to the amputation of one of her legs, she struggles to deal with her loss. Her perseverance as she works to find a way to run again will inspire readers.
Historical fiction and science fiction merge in this adventure story set at the beginning of World War I. Fate brings Prince Alek, who is in hiding from the German Clankers, together with Deryn, a British “airman.” Will they be able to put an end to the war?