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Battle of the Books - Questions

Below is a heading for each title. Please add your question to the appropriate title. Remember answers to all questions should be just a title/author of a book.

Bartoletti, Susan Campbell. The Boy Who Dared

Bingham, Kelly. Shark Girl

Bodeen, S. A. The Compound

  • In which book does a family consider cannibalism in order to survive?

Colfer, Eoin. Airman

Connor, Leslie. Waiting for Normal

Dowell, Frances O'Roark. Shooting the Moon

  • In which book is gin rummy often played between a young man and a girl?
  • In which book do two siblings enjoy playing Army in the backyard as youngsters?
  • In which book does a girl look forward to getting a letter, but instead receives a roll of film?
  • In which book does a young man give up college for the army?
  • In which book does a father complain, "You can live your life or you can watch it."?
  • In which book does a girl named Cindy have several invisible friends?

Green, Tim. Football Genius

Hiaasen, Carl. Scat!

  • In which book did their teacher drive a blue Prius?
  • In which book did someone find a stuffed rat named Chelsea Evered?
  • In which book did a student write an essay on The Curse of the Persistent Pimple?
  • In which book does a character live at 777 Buzzard Boulevard?

Jaramillo, Ann. La Linea

  • In which book is an American soccer jersey given to a friend as a going-away gift?
  • In which book are the occupants of a bus asked to get off with all of their belongings?
  • In which book does a pamphlet contain a tip to always "Follow the power lines south."?
  • In which book does a character carry letters from her mother in a cloth purse?
  • In which book does a brother write a message in black across his sister's chest?
  • In which book would a larger pair of pants help guard against scorpions?
  • In which book are two teens instructs to "take care of their feet?"
  • In which book do three characters get caught in a sand storm?

Lockhart, E. The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks

Prineas, Sarah. Magic Thief

  • In which book is a character amazed that his locus magicalicus did not kill the boy?
  • In which book is a young boy very skilled at unlocking locks by simply using a couple of wires kept hidden in his clothing?
  • In which book does the main character reveal that he has never had a cold, in fact, has never been sick?
  • In which book is a spell used to turn a character into a cat?
  • In which book is it dangerous to mix slowsilver with tourmalifine?
  • In which book does a boy find a locked chest full of rocks?
  • In which book is Rowan assigned to tutor a new student?
  • In which book does a servant knit a black woolen sweater for the main character?
  • In which book does a large green jewel "call" to a boy?

Scott, Michael. The Alchemyst: the Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel

  • In which book was the Yggdrasill frozen by the sword Excalibur?

Smith, Roland. Elephant Run

  • In which book is a boy sent to live with his father on a teak plantation?
  • In which book do a boy and girl have to shave their eyebrows off?
  • In which book is an old man able to "talk" to elephants?
  • In which book does a father explain to his son that he may have to go live in Australia?
  • In which book does a boy hide in the river until danger passes?
  • In which book does a father write a message in the dirt to his son?
  • In which book does tiger skin drive an animal crazy?

Sonnenblick, Jordan. Notes from the Midnight Driver

Van Draanen, Wendelin. Runaway