Horowitz, Anthony

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Anthony Horowitz

Official website: http://www.anthonyhorowitz.com/

Alex Rider Adventures

  1. Stormbreaker
  2. Point Blank
  3. Skeleton Key
  4. Eagle Strike
  5. Scorpia
  6. Ark Angel 4/2006
  7. Snakehead 11/2007
  8. Crocodile Tears 11/2009
  9. Scorpia Rising 3/2011
  10. Russian Roulette 10/2013
  11. Never Say Die 10/2017
  12. Secret Weapon 5/2019 (Short Story Anthology)

Daniel Hawthorne novels

  1. The Word Is Murder 2017
  2. The Sentence Is Death 2018

Diamond Brothers Mystery

  1. The Falcon's Malteser
  2. Public Enemy Number Two 7/2004
  3. South by South East
  4. The French Confection (novella)
  5. The Blurred Man (novella)
  6. I Know What You Did Last Wednesday (novella)
  7. The Greek Who Stole Christmas 9/2008


Series also known as The Power of Five

  1. Raven's Gate 6/2005
  2. Evil Star 6/2006
  3. Nightrise 5/2007
  4. Necropolis 10/2008
  5. Oblivion 10/2012

Groosham Grange

  1. Groosham Grange 8/2008
  2. The Return to Groosham Grange 8/2009