Gunn, Robin Jones

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Robin Jones Gunn

Official website:

Christy Miller

  1. Summer Promise
  2. A Whisper and a Wish
  3. Yours Forever
  4. Surprise Endings
  5. Island Dreamer
  6. A Heart Full of Hope
  7. True Friends
  8. Starry Night
  9. Seventeen Wishes
  10. A Time To Cherish
  11. Sweet Dreams
  12. A Promise is Forever

Christy and Todd, The College Years

  1. Until Tomorrow
  2. As You Wish
  3. I Promise

Katie Wheldon

  1. Peculiar Treasures 3/2008
  2. On A Whim
  3. Coming Attractions

Sierra Jensen

  1. Only You, Sierra
  2. In Your Dreams
  3. Don't You Wish
  4. Close Your Eyes
  5. Without A Doubt
  6. With This Ring
  7. Open Your Heart
  8. Time Will Tell
  9. Now Picture This
  10. Hold On Tight
  11. Closer Than Ever
  12. Take My Hand