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==Heart of Dread==
==Heart of Dread==
#Frozen  9/2013
#Frozen  9/2013
#Stolen  11/2014

[[Category:Chick Lit]][[Category:Horror]][[Category:Mystery]]
[[Category:Chick Lit]][[Category:Horror]][[Category:Mystery]]

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Melissa de la Cruz

Official website:

Angels on Sunset Boulevard

  1. Angels on Sunset Boulevard 3/2007


  1. Ashleys 12/2007
  2. Jealous? 4/2008
  3. Birthday Vicious 8/2008

Au Pairs

  1. The Au Pairs
  2. Skinnydipping 6/2005
  3. Sun-Kissed 6/2006
  4. Crazy Hot 5/2007

Blue Bloods

  1. Blue Bloods 5/2006
  2. Masquerade 5/2007
  3. Revelations 10/2008
  4. The Van Alen Legacy 10/2009
  5. Misguided Angel 10/2010
  6. Lost in Time 10/2011
  7. Gates of Paradise 1/2013

Keys to the Repository, a Blue Bloods short story collection 3/2010
Bloody Valentine, a novella 12/2010


  1. Girl Stays in the Picture 6/2009

Heart of Dread

  1. Frozen 9/2013
  2. Stolen 11/2014