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Regional Questions

Below is a heading for each title. Please add your question to the appropriate title. Remember answers to all questions should be just a title/author of a book.

After Ever After

by Jordan Sonnenblick

All the Broken Pieces

by Ann Burg

Along for the Ride

by Sarah Dessen

Anything but Typical

by Nora Raleigh Baskin


by Mike Lupica

  1. Which book features Comerica Park?
  2. In which book was a character hired by Bud Selig?
  3. In which book was mashed potatoes the character's favorite dish in the whole world?
  4. In which book did the characters play on a team called The Sting?
  5. In which book was a character referred to as the Bishop of Bloomfield?
  6. In which book did a character have to secretly buy food from McDonald's?
  7. In which book does the character's dad work in Japan?
  8. The characters hang out in Equipment Room #3 in this book?


by Alex Flinn


by Kathy Mackel

The Last Thing I Remember

by Andrew Klavan

Operation Yes

by Sara Lewis Holmes


by Gordon Korman

Purple Heart

by Patricia McCormick

Red Glass

by Laura Resau

Sunrise Over Fallujah

by Walter Dean Myers


by Neal Shusterman

Woods Runner

by Gary Paulsen