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Something strange appeared above the Earth that causes people to start developing superpowers. These people are called Epics. Unfortunately with powers mostly use them for nefarious purposes. For instance, the man called Steelheart conquered the Chicago area. He can fly, shoot energy blasts from his hands, is invulnerable and super strong. He can also turn anything into steel. On the day that Steelheart descended upon Chicago many perished. One of them was the father of a young boy, David, who has since survived the following ten years under Steelheart’s rule. The only thing that helps David from giving up on life is that he wants revenge for his father’s death, and believes he holds the secret to Steelheart’s only weakness.

David eventually tries to join an underground resistance, but he has a rough start. First there is a girl, who has killed Epics before and with whom David is smitten. Then there is the leader of the small resistance cell, the Prof, who is a veteran fighter, cunning and an inventor of weapons that can kill Epics. Can David impress the Prof enough in order to join? Will the other team members even listen to David’s plan to take down Steelheart? Is there anything more to life than death, slavery or revenge?

Steelheart is an action packed story of the little guys fighting for justice. It’s a great book for fans of comics, action movies, or anyone who needs a fast paced read. Steelheart is appropriate for ages 14 and up.

- John Gillette