Flanagan, John

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John Flanagan

Wikipedia entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Flanagan_(author)

Brotherband Chronicles

Official series website: http://www.brotherbandchronicles.com

  1. The Outcasts
  2. The Invaders
  3. The Hunters
  4. Slaves of Socorro
  5. Scorpion Mountain 12/2014

Ranger's Apprentice

Official series website- http://rangersapprentice.com/

  1. The Ruins of Gorlan
  2. The Burning Bridge
  3. The Icebound Land
  4. The Battle for Skandia
  5. Sorcerer in the North
  6. The Siege of Macindaw
  7. Erak's Ransom 2/2010
  8. The Kings of Clonmel 5/2010
  9. Halt's Peril 10/2010
  10. The Emperor of Nihon-Ja 4/2011
  11. The Lost Stories 10/2011
  12. The Royal Ranger 11/2013

Ranger's Apprentice: Early Year

  1. The Tournament at Gorlan 10/2015
  2. The Battle of Hackham Heath 11/2016