Bennett, Cherie

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Cherie Bennett

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Mirror Image

  1. Rich Girl in the Mirror
  2. Stranger in the Mirror
  3. Star in the Mirror
  4. Flirt in the Mirror


  1. The Southern Girls
  2. The Midwest Girls
  3. The Northeast Girls
  4. The West Coast Girls
  5. The National Pageant
  6. The Winners on the Roads

Sunset After Dark

  1. Sunset After Dark
  2. Sunset After Midnight
  3. Sunset After Hours

Sunset Island

  1. Sunset Island
  2. Sunset Kiss
  3. Sunset Dreams
  4. Sunset Farewell
  5. Sunset Reunion
  6. Sunset Secrets
  7. Sunset Heat
  8. Sunset Promises
  9. Sunset Scandal
  10. Sunset Whispers
  11. Sunset Paradise
  12. Sunset Surf
  13. Sunset Deceptions
  14. Sunset on the Road
  15. Sunset Embrace
  16. Sunset Wishes
  17. Sunset Touch
  18. Sunset Wedding
  19. Sunset Glitter
  20. Sunset Stranger
  21. Sunset Heart
  22. Sunset Revenge
  23. Sunset Sensation
  24. Sunset Magic
  25. Sunset Illusions
  26. Sunset Fire
  27. Sunset Fantasy
  28. Sunset Passion
  29. Sunset Love
  30. Sunset Fling
  31. Sunset Tears
  32. Sunset Spirit
  33. Sunset Forever

Teen Angels

  1. Heaven Can't Wait
  2. Love Never Dies
  3. Angel Kisses
  4. Heaven Help Us
  5. Nightmare in Heaven
  6. Love Without End


  1. Trash
  2. Love, Lies, Video
  3. Good Girls, Bad Boys
  4. Dirty Big Secrets
  5. The Evil Twin
  6. Truth or Scare

University Hospital

  1. University Hospital
  2. Condition Critical
  3. Crisis Point
  4. Heart Trauma